I have one favorite team and it's the BYU Cougars. I have one favorite wife. It's the one I am married to. I have one favorite cereal. It's Corn Chex, or any reasonable facimile of same. I have one favorite aisle at the public library. It's in the fiction section in the basement and is the aisle that lists authors from Ca to Cr.

It has been a very good year for me and my favorites. My Cougars won big in football. They are winning big in basketball. I don't care about the other sports. My wife has been very good to me. This is her 34th consecutive year of treating me better than I deserve. Somebody should write a book about her.I have shelves stocked and stacked with Corn Chex.

I have spent the last year reading from the same library aisle. I like mysteries with big tough guys that can beat up anybody in the world and know how to escape from water boarding, drowning, fires, shootings and parachutes that fail and still get their hometeaching done.

My favorite character is Jack Reacher. He just roams the country side without purse, script or clean clothes. Somehow, when his clothes get dirty or aromatic, he finds a little purse and buys some new duds and throws the old ones away. When he does shave, it is with a machete.

Joe Pike is just as tough, but he doesn't speak. He communicates with grunts and big guns. Myron Bolitar, is a former All American basketball player that blew out his knee and became a private investigator. The ladies love him. It must be the name.

I relate to these characters because I imagine that if I had been born with the name Myron, I would have either played the accordion on the Lawrence Welk Show or been a tough guy who could speak with a grunting dialect and had clothes that stunk. Wait a minute, that was me in high school, except for the fact I didn't have a girlfriend, couldn't beat anybody up, or play the accordion.
Maybe it's time I moved on to the next library aisle.

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  1. Spud Says:
  2. While you're in the Cs you ought to take a look at Michael Connelly


    -- HS, in Idaho


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