Results And Revenue Are Not Typical, But The Re-fried Beans Are

Posted by HB Saturday, February 13, 2010
 I watched a piece on the local news last night. It was a segment on how bloggers with passion are making money doing what they love.

They obviously didn’t interview me - either because I have no passion or because I am not making money.

It reminds me of the Taco Bell commercial that ran recently. It featured a woman who claimed that she lost weight by eating strictly from TB’s lower-calorie “Fresco Menu”.

She says she lost 54 pounds. I was excited until the disclaimer at the end of the ad said, “Results may not be typical.”

The same phrase applies to blogging. I’m sure there are bloggers making money, but I am also sure, “Results may not be typical."

In the spirit of full disclosure, my current blogging revenue stream is plugging along at close to an average of 67 cents per day.

Results may not be typical, but I figure with a little human growth hormone, some anti-aging cream and a Jack LaLanne juicer, I should be able to last another 40 years.

I’ll do the math for you. At 67 cents per day, times 365 days, times 40 years, I will have made $9782 blogging before I die at the age of 102.

That is why I have changed my blog name to Housebroken husband. I am trying to broaden my market to include women who already have housebroken husbands or would like to know how to train one. I think it is a huge market. If it isn’t, I can easily change the name to going broke husband.

Thanks for visiting the blog. I’ll see you at Taco Bell, where the “results may not be typical”, but the re-fried beans are.

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  1. Cute post. I found your blog through your daugher Lacy - she and I worked together years ago - FANTASTIC girl she is!

    I also like the way you explain the progression of HB - clever.

    Nice to meet you!



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