Losing Lard While You Look

Posted by HB Friday, March 12, 2010

Here's the deal. Today was a one lard-bucket day.

Now that the weather is warming up, I am getting back to my walking/jogging/running regimen. My goal is to drop 10 pounds and 20 points off my blood sugar levels.

A walk is considered a 1 lard-bucket day. A jog is a 2 lard-bucket day and a run is a 3 lard- bucket day. I figure I am only 50 lard buckets away from reaching my goals....as long as I quit eating what is in the bucket.

In the American spirit of voyeurism, upon which most of today's television fare is founded, I am going to be snapping a few pixs on my 1 lard-bucket (walking) days and will post what I see.

It won't be interesting, but then again, neither is most of what is on television.

Have a look while I lard away on my first-of-the-season two-mile one-bucket lard walk.

Here are the voyeurism views for today.

  I need to buy this so I would have something with which my pink sweat shirt could finally color coordinate.

 The 11th hole at Sleepy Ridge. It's a four iron, lob wedge and two putts on my good days. Better yet, it is only six monster drives away from my front door.

  This is what a human lard bucket looks like. Now you know why I need the pink scooter and a good pair of nose-hair clippers.

 This is where I attend Church. It is only 4 1/2 monster drives (4 1/2 blocks) from my house.

This is where I used to attend Church. It is only a pitching wedge away from my front door. I believe in revelation and inspiration, but still struggle occasionally with the doctrine of gerrymandering.

 And finally, this is what each post will include to keep me lard less and motivated.


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