Corn on the Cob for Breakfast and Father's Day

Posted by HB Sunday, June 20, 2010
I love Father's Day. It's the day when I can eat raw corn on the cob for breakfast and nobody tells me I'm weird. I can wear a plaid shirt with a striped tie and the wardrobe police don't issue me a ticket.

I can go to Church unshaven without anybody asking me why I didn't shave. If they do, I just tell them I can't shave because I broke out with a facial rash caused by excessive home teaching.

This is what a curmudgeonly corn-cob-chewing, unshaven, plaid-shirt-with-striped-tie-wearing dad looks like.

This is what the kindest, most loving, funniest and wittiest cowboy and father the world has ever known looks like. 

Happy Father's Day Dad. Your family loves you and misses you terribly. You were a good cowboy and an even better man. Those two qualities will get anybody to heaven.

As Arnett's, we are proud of our Cowboy heritage and culture. It's rare to find someone who not only knows how to legitimately "Cowboy Up" but also step up to their patriarchal duties as a father. You were our role model and always will be.

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Howard Marshall Arnett died June 16, 1994. The following song was written and sung at his funeral by his son Jeff.

In my mind's eye
I can see him there
Sitting on top of the old black mare
With his hat pulled down, his coat turned up
Wind chill all around
The dusty sky and the morning haze
Can't dim my adoring gaze
In my mind's eye, In my mind's eye
Men of God of themselves they lend
Some stand out, some just mingle in
He never received much praise from men
But, he was everybody's friend
In my mind's eye
I can see him there
Leading us in family prayer
Then listening to our every care
Not saying much, just being there
In my mind's eye
In my mind's eye
Men of God of themselves they lend
In my mind's eye, I can see him there
Just to the right of our dear Savior
With his hands out stretched, he's motioning, my dear family
In your own time, come join me, and watch the life you lead
This man of God of himself he gave
Through wit and love, many souls he saved
We will miss him yes, grieve for him, no
Because this is not the end and he's still everybody's friend

If you are grandchild or great grandchild of Howard, ask your Uncle Jeff to sing you the song. It will be forever etched in your mind. This coming July at the Howard Arnett Family reunion would be a could time to ask.

The following pictures will show you what a real cowboy and a real dad looks like.

Here's Howard with the love of his life

Howard and his four boys

Howard and his only daughter

Missing our dad and miscellaneous photos


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Nicely done.

  3. BigBlue Says:
  4. okay, i can understand corn on the cob for breakfast.....that i get. but raw??


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