Good To Have Her Home and Taking it in the Shorts

Posted by HB Monday, July 26, 2010
It's been a nice two weeks. We picked up our daughter from the airport last Friday night. She served in the Washington DC South Mission. I shed a few tears when she left and shed even more when she returned. It is good to have her home.

We spent the previous weekend in Colorado for an Arnett family reunion at Lake Vallecito just outside of Durango. I took it in the shorts for the family.

We help fund the reunion by auctioning off donated items from family members. I sold the shorts off my back. Actually, they came off a part of my anatomy that is a little lower than the back.

These were my favorite shorts. My best rounds of golf have been played in these shorts. I had a deal with my wife that she would bid higher than anyone else so I wouldn't have to part with the pants. As a precaution, I had a backup pair of pantaloons nestled underneath in case my wife's bid came up short. No pun intended.

The winning bid was $15 and it wasn't from my wife. Instead of giving the shirt off my back for the family organization, I gave the shorts off my butt instead. It was worth it, but I haven't shot a decent round of golf since.

 The Arnett's Got Talent portion of the reunion is a lot like our family golf tournament. None of us are any good, but we have fun anyway.

Ok, my brother wants equal time for his act on the talent show. He can't beat me at golf, but he can sign up a storm.


  1. April Says:
  2. You make me laugh out loud!!! So glad your missionary is home! Let us know when her homecoming is!

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. you keep on cracking me up!!

  5. Darn! Wish I'd known. Would've gone $16 minimum.


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