Losing Lard by the Buckets

Posted by HB Monday, July 18, 2011

Time for a 1/2 marathon update. 

I got on the scales two days ago and was surprised to find that I had lost an authentic 4-pound lard bucket of weight.

Maybe there is something to exercising that leads to weight loss. For those who weren't paying attention, my daughter and I are in training to run a one-half marathon on September 10.

We are now entering our fourth week of running. This week we have to go 5 miles. It seems to be working. I no longer have a desire for a big dump truck to hit me head on. I have now settled for a small Hyundai hitting me from behind to put be out of my misery.

As I mentioned before, misery loves company. My niece's husband has said he will now join us.

A guy can't run without some sort of goal in mind. Here's mine.

I haven't been able to wear this coat, let alone button it, for the last decade. It's not fashionable these days mainly because the lapels are as wide as my recently lost lard bucket. Hopefully, by the time I finish my running regimen, I can once again  button this coat.

My wife thinks I'm crazy. She wants to know why I would even want to wear a 15-year old coat that I have to hide to keep her from throwing away.

It's a man thing. I have a pair of  comfort pants that I  have worn for 15 years. And now, hopefully I will have a comfort coat to go along with the pants.

By the way, my wife is in for a huge surprise. If after a 1/2 marathon, I accomplish my goal of getting into my favorite coat, I am going to go for a full marathon to see if I can get in to a pair of these.

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  1. Perhaps there is anything exercising that leads to weight decrease. To those who do not mind, Your daughter and are in training for a one-half marathon last September 10.

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