I always thought I could have made it as a lounge singer in a Laughlin, Nevada casino. Apparently I was the only one who thought that way because I have had numerous people tell me that I can't sing.

 Those lounge singing aspirations asphyxiated long ago, but received a little mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with Susan Boyle's sudden splash. The fact that she could make it big with just one song and one appearance on "Britain's Got Talent", has rekindled my hopes. If she can dream a dream, so can I.

I have pulled out some old lounge singer video to get your opinion. Should I keep my dreams and voice locked away or head to Laughlin and the less-traveled road? I will let you be the judge and determine my dreams and destiny.

Check out the video and then reply in the comments section of this post and let me know what you think.

Your comment options are:

You remind me of an amalgamation of  Michael Jackson, Alan Jackson, Jackson Brown and Stonewall Jackson.

Go to the public library and check out the book, "Lipsyncing for Dummies who still have Dreams".

Don't quit your day job. Wait, you have never had a job so you have nothing to lose.

Laughlin would be a good place for you. They are always looking for good lounge help. You could make a lot of money waiting tables there.

Don't give up the dream, just the voice.

HB, you look like Susan Boyle, but that's where it ends.


  1. cs Says:
  2. I had forgotten about the Karoake Christmas. Isn't this the same Christmas where you started dancing with Penee and then grabbed her rump? Where's that video, eh?

    btw, you are nuts.

  3. I think the best chance you have is living vicariously through your daughter. That girl's clearly got talent!


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