I'm Having a Multinational Face Makeover

Posted by HB Thursday, March 18, 2010
I am a channel surfer and the other day I came across a station on my dish called Brazilian Butt Lift. I admit that I clicked on it out of curiosity and strictly for research purposes.

I wanted to see what the difference was between a Brazilian Butt Lift, a Definitely Defined Danish Derriere and a Russian Rear Reduction.

Turns out, there is not much. They all want $39.95 for a DVD. That is the ultimate rear reduction coming directly out of my wallet in my back hip pocket.

I passed on the Brazilian Butt Lift. The fine print said I would also need a new fork lift to help levitate my bulky Brazilian backside. The total cost is more like $27, 537.

I did do some other cosmetic change research, however. It looks like my face is a prime candidate for a multinational makeover.

Here's what is on my agenda. I am getting some new Lithuanian lips, will try some Estonian ears and a Belize brow extension. In addition I am considering a new Czechoslovakian chin, a smaller Namibian nose, Hungarian hair plugs and caps for my teeth from Tunisia.

I think I am excited. The picture above is my before photo. Below is the after photo.

I think they call this the Brazilian Burt Lift.


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