Posted by HB Thursday, April 1, 2010
 I don't like to dance. That is probably due to the fact that I am not a good dancer. My wife, however, is very good and loves to dance.

Consequently, early on in our marriage, we had to come up with a workable compromise. Here it is.

I agreed that I would take her to dances. All she had to do was tell me how many dances it would take for her to be happy. She said four and agreed that after I met the quota she would be amenable to leaving the dance any time after those four forays on the floor.

I was thrilled. At the next dance, I quickly completed my allotment of dances and was ready to go home.

That's when I learned that even compromises have to be re-compromised. The four-dance rule is still in play, but those dances now have to be rationed through at least an hour or more at the dance. I also learned that any additional floor time over the four-dance limit is worth major bonus points.

After 30-plus years of marriage, this system still works. Pictured below are my latest four dances at my niece's wedding last Saturday night.

One dance down, three to go.

Two down. Halfway there.

Dancing with my granddaughters.

Racking up bonus points.


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